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TIME TRADERS | Review of WOLF 1834 Watch Winders

Posted on July 26 2020

Best Watch Winder Box for Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch WOLF 1834 Luxury Watch Winder Boxes for Sale by TIME TRADERS ONLINE

A WOLF is a pack animal, a trait in common with successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and industry leaders. Naturally, a hierarchical order exists within the pack; every animal knows its place in that order. Like many human beings, wolves live in extended families which are called packs. Enter WOLF 1834, a name that is commonly tied to family values and perfection through generational craftsmanship.

Watch winders are made to mimic your wrists movements with timed rotational movement. If you value your time and own more than one luxury watch, then you understand the convenience of keeping them charged up and ready to go. Generally, cheaper winders only move in one direction and loop continuously. This repetitive movement will over-stress your watch and will damage the watch’s mechanisms. Avoid a cheap winder at all costs. WOLF was founded by Philip Wolf I who began crafting fine leather jewel cases in 1834. After over 185 years of family tradition, WOLF continues to design and handcraft watch winders, watch boxes, and jewelry cases. Only a WOLF counts rotations – all others simply use time to estimate the counts per day. With over 185 years of innovation, WOLF knows that relying on time is simply never enough. 

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