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Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet Prismatic Sighting Compass by Kasper-Richter

$415.00 USD

A rare and collectible Audemars Piguet professional prismatic sighting compass made in Germany by Kasper-Richter since 1920. This is a fully functional, real deal, professional prismatic sighting compass instrument that will outperform and outlast anything on the market. It offers considerable advantages over lesser models that are more prone to parallax errors, and faulty readings. 

This black Audemars Piguet prismatic compass features a bubble level, adjustable lens prism, pocket clip at reverse and brand stamp at center front. Includes pouch and owner's manual.

Measurements: Length 3.75", Width 2.5", Depth 1.1”

This item is considered pre-owned.

Condition of item: Good. Exterior is blemish free. Compass dial has a beautiful natural patina.